Our Generous Sponsors

Our 2019-2020 Season's Funding Goal: $7,500

Sponsor Levels

WE NEED SPONSORSHIPS to GROW our program and give us the tools and resources needed to succeed and expand our outreach efforts. We spent $9200 our first season just to get up and running. The technology and materials needed to be competition-ready is expensive. The more tax-deductible donations we receive, the more kids/teens we can reach

Most of our Sponsors have a personal connection to one of our team members. Parents, would your business, employer, or philanthropic family member be interested in partnering with us??

"You Go Where We Go!" WE WOULD LOVE TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS through our website, our Facebook page, our booth at competitions, our T-shirts, business cards, on our robot, and our banner at Community Outreach events.

Please let us know if there is any other information you would like, or if you would like to have a meeting to discuss Sponsorships.

Contact Jon @ 240.344.9750 steampowered12873@gmail.com